Surveys and Social Barometers

To improve the performance of your HR process in human capital management

We conduct specific surveys relating to human capital management, thus helping companies identify areas of improvement in their human resources management process. These surveys are organized under the form of social barometers or online surveys aimed at studying the robustness of your HR processes.

The surveys deal with topics such as:

  • The implication and engagement of staff
  • Performance management systems
  • Talent retention schemes
  • Working conditions, security at work, the Health and Safety Committee
  • …/…

The HRV 2013 Ranking for Best Practises in Human Capital Management ®.

In 2013 Human Resource Value will be conducting a ranking of the best practises in Human Capital Management. This ranking includes other criteria in addition to those used in existing  systems which generally focus only on affective and emotional aspects.

The objectives of this best-practises ranking are:

  • To foster exchanges on best practises in human capital management:
  • To organise working groups with expert facilitators according to the topics
  • To publish best practises in the form of benchmarks

The themes studied concern the way managers perceive their role in the development of the human capital of their company and the means and resources at their disposal to effectively implement corporate policies in this area.

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